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Split-System Air Conditioner Replacement

In San Marcos, your air conditioning is not just an amenity it is a necessity, especially in these hot summer months in Texas. At Dean’s Shop we are focussed on bringing you the information you need to efficiently operate your air conditioner and how to make the right decisions if one or boths parts of your HVAC system break down.

In a split-system air conditioner there are outdoor and indoor parts that have to work together like a team to achieve the right temperature for your home. They need to work together in unison to be the most efficient that they can.

In most cases your furnace and air conditioner are installed together and work together as a pair. There are outside and inside parts that have to work as a team to achieve the right temperature for your home.

There are four parts to your split-system:
Evaporator coil
Air handler

The condenser and compressor are outside and the evaporator coil and air handler are inside. The refrigerant moves between all these parts over and over until your home reaches the set temperature.

When something in your split-system breaks down it is important to get a certified technician to inspect the problem. You should consider replacing both inside and outside parts of your split-system if one breaks down. All these pieces are meant to be sold and used as matched pieces, if you have miss-matched pieces your system may not work correctly.

Talk to the technicians at Dean’s Shop about what options you have for replacing your split-system.

If you are in San Marcos, Kyle, New Braunfels or any of the surrounding communities or unsure if you are in our service area, please call us. You can also check out our service area page or zip codes page for more information.

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