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Is My Furnace Overheating?

January 17, 2019
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Take precautions to lower the risk of an overheated furnace. You should also be wary of the associated symptoms, so you know when to take action.

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5 Reasons to Schedule a Fall Furnace Clean and Check

October 8, 2018
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Once the cooler weather hits here in San Marcos, TX, this fall, you are going to want the inside of your home toasty and comfortable. This means turning on your furnace. Long before the first night you’ll want it, you should have your furnaced cleaned and checked by a professional from Dean’s Shop. You may…

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Furnace Fan Setting – "On" vs. "Auto"

January 23, 2018

There are devotees of both settings, each believing their setting is the optimum one to choose. Call Dean’s Shop today for any of your heating needs.

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Heating Systems: Heat Pump vs. Furnace

November 17, 2017

Looking to install a new heater in your home? Your two most popular choices in San Marcos, TX, are a heat pump and a furnace. But which one to choose?

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